2. CURTIS HALL HOUSE, 16104 Detroit (1386 Cranford)

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Lakewood thrived throughout the latter half of the 19th century via fruit-farming. The Hall family were among the more significant of Lakewood's prosperous fruit-farmers. The Curtis Hall house is one of the two Hall homesteads still standing. Built in 1864, it has since all but disappeared from view due mostly to a commercial building erected in its front-yard and additional shops grafted onto its Cranford Avenue side. Some windows and its front-porch have suffered, as well, but the flat roof with its wide overhang, and the decorative brackets and small windows just below the roofline (all typical features of the 'Italianate' style) remain as they were. See Page 22 of Lakewood: the First One Hundred Years for two 'vintage' views of this house.