Lakewood's Central School Up for Public Auction

On April 25, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. the School Board will auction the current School Board Building for sale. The Board has the right to accept or refuse any offer at that time. This is the end of a very long process that started at the October 3,2016 board meeting. Greg Palumbo, Executive Director of the Lakewood Historical Society  presented a plea from our membership to be mindful of the historic nature of the buildings as they moved forward. The video of that meeting can be seen here, Greg is at the 1 hr. 5 min. mark. Later that month the Lakewood Historical Society released our 2016 Fall Newsletter, focusing on the importance of the school buildings, which you can view here. During this time the School Board moved forward with the legally required open offering periods for possible charter schools to purchase the property. This process took 12 weeks in two sessions. Following that period it went into another 6 week period of open opportunity for public entities and private bids, this was not fruitful and lead to what will be an open auction.

During that process local historian and Society Board Member, John Vacha, presented an article in the February 7, 2016 issue of the Observer about the history of the property and the potential sale which can be read here.

Over the summer the Historical Society had heard rumors that of the three properties, two schools (Taft and Lincoln) that were no longer going to be used as schools, and the Board of Education Building,  would be under consideration as the district needed to shed one of the properties. At that time we at the Society began working to spread the word and educate all interested parties about the history of those sites. While we would like to be able to save ever property that is in danger of the wrecking ball in Lakewood it is well outside our financial means to do so, we are a private organization that works toward the public good as the repository of Lakewood History, that is why our Preservation Committee works tirelessly to educate and raise awareness while working toward local Lakewood Historic Designation for significant properties and add a public layer of discours before a property can be razed.

If you would like to help in the designation of properties under City of Lakewood Ordinance Chapter 1134 please contact the Lakewood Historical Society at and all are welcome to attend our committee meetings. Meeting dates and times are subject to to change, please call the office at 216-221-7343 for times and locations.

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Lakewood is a community made up of beautiful, older homes built during Lakewood’s “boom time” around the turn of the last century.  There are now over 12,000 residential buildings in Lakewood, of which 20% are one hundred years old.  By 2020, almost 60% of single family and 52% of two-family homes will be at least one hundred years old.  These wonderful buildings can tell many stories about the families who have lived inside them and the history of our community .    Many of our residents are intrigued by the history of their home, but unsure how to find out more.  Researching the story of your Lakewood home requires a fair amount of legwork, but the information you gather will help you enjoy your beautiful home even more. 

            The two most frequent questions regarding Lakewood house histories are “Who owned my house before me?” and “When was my house built?”  With a little digging, you can discover the answers to these questions.  Many thanks to Mary Gagen, Marcia Moll and Richard Sicha for compiling the information included in this article.

House History Research

Designation Documents: 1095 Homewood, 13428 Lake Avenue
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The Curtis Block

14501 Detroit Avenue

(Corner of Marlowe)

Historic Property Designation Press Releases

17855 Lake Road

In December of 2013 the City of Lakewood designated the house at 17855 Lake Rd. owned by the Power's family a Lakewood Landmark Property. Click Here to read the press release.

Powers House

Old-House Maintenance/Preservation

For more information, please read the City of Lakewood Ordinance Chapter 1134

Nominate a property for local Lakewood Historic Property Designation by Clicking Here for Short Form, Click Here for Long Form.

Historic Preservation Ordinance FAQ

The ordinance is Chapter 1134 of the Planning and Zoning Code.

Lakewood has seven properties currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places, an honorary designation (as contrasted with a Lakewood designation, which protects the designated property). Under the Lakewood designation, the Oldest Stone House has been designated an historic property as well as several others.

Historic Property and District Designation


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