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Sandstone Sidewalks and Walkways
Lakewood Heritage Advisory Board

Sandstone was the original paving material used in Lakewood for sidewalks and walkways. They contribute to the charm and historic character of Lakewood neighborhoods. Most sidewalks and walkways are still in good condition today, and should be kept whenever possible. Sandstone slabs that are uneven can be leveled instead of being replaced. Slabs that must be removed can be reused for terraces and garden paths. New sandstone is still available for repairs and replacement.


The Lakewood Heritage Advisory Board was established to serve in an advisory capacity for the purpose of educating, informing and making recommendations to City officials, departments, boards and commissions, and the community on matters relating to historic preservation

The Lakewood Heritage Advisory Board may be contacted through the City of Lakewood Department of Planning and Development (216/529-6630). Information in this publication may be reprinted. Please credit the Lakewood Heritage Advisory Board, Lakewood, Ohio.

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