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Furnace and Boiler Maintenance
Lakewood Heritage Advisory Board

X Install a carbon monoxide detector and a smoke detector in the basement. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

X Have a qualified contractor do a “tune up” regularly, preferably every year.

X A blue flame means the air/fuel mixture is correct

X High-efficiency heating units create more condensation inside chimneys than older models. Watch for corrosive conditions in the chimney.

X Keep all items away from the boiler or furnace.

X Do not block the air flow around ducts, cold air returns, or radiators with furniture or piles of items.

X If the unit has a flue damper, make sure it is working properly.

X For furnaces, change the filters monthly. If there is central air conditioning, change filters during the summer months also. Forced air systems should also have the duct work in the entire house cleaned periodically.

X For boilers, bleed the radiators of trapped air each heating season, which will improve the heat output of the radiator.

X Have a qualified person, known as a “chimney sweep,” inspect and clean or repair the chimney regularly. Even with a natural gas heating system, an inspection will ensure that the chimney is doing its job to vent hot, toxic gases and carbon monoxide to the outdoors.

For more information, contact the Chimney Safety Institute of America at 1-800-536-0118 or http://www.csia.org

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