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A deck should serve not only as an outdoor living space, but as a compliment to the design of the rear side of the house. The deck should appear as a natural extension of the house, rather than an unrelated appendage. Painting or staining the deck in a color which coordinates with the house’s color scheme will visually unify the deck and house, as well as protect the wood from weathering.

When designing the details of a deck, think about using the features of Lakewood’s porches. The railing for the deck and the deck stairs can look like a porch railing, with a top rail, bottom rail, closely spaced balusters, and hefty newel posts. If the deck is close enough to the ground that it does not require a railing, consider planters and benches to provide safety, comfort, and interest. The space between the deck and the ground can be filled with decorative panels of lattice. Landscaping around a deck of flower beds and low shrubs will help it blend into the landscape.

Traditional outdoor features that are alternatives to decks include stone or brick terraces, arbors, and pergolas.

The Lakewood Heritage Advisory Board was established to serve in an advisory capacity for the purpose of educating, informing and making recommendations to City officials, departments, boards and commissions, and the community on matters relating to historic preservation

The Lakewood Heritage Advisory Board may be contacted through the City of Lakewood Department of Planning and Development (216/529-6630). Information in this publication may be reprinted. Please credit the Lakewood Heritage Advisory Board, Lakewood, Ohio.

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